Opus Kuala Lumpur Condominium, 3 bedroom, Kampung Attap, KLCC, Malaysia, For Rent 出租

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Property ID : TR00430R

  RM 3,800 Per Month - Condominium, Residential
1153 Sq Ft 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms
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Quote Web ID “TR00430R″ when enquiring.

Contact us:+6012-333 8623,+6016-333 8623, +603-2282 1088
Email : shirleypropertylink@gmail.com
Web: www.propertylink.com.my



Relax in the sea of leisure and enjoy the view of sunny skies above.  Splash in the placid waters of the day pool and enjoy the view while doing so. Experience a dip in the shaded waters, take a churn in it anytime.

A deck of serene warmth to calm and unwind the body and senses. Find peace of mind on the floating yoga deck while finding sanctuary for your soul.

Come to a place where life’s workout is necessary, and roll into your own rhythm of movement.  Sweat out your energies to a sporty routine at our gymnasium. Build resistance, and push through limits to your own potential. Let Opus Kuala Lumpur facilities give you the tools for this achievement.

Shift your sight to the striking facade that sets the tone to a new wave of infrastructure design. A balance of rhythms, a rainbow of colors, a thrilling mix of life choices – all composed and combined in a marvelous architecture, that’s truly a lifestyle infrastructure.

Opus Kuala Lumpur is strategically and conveniently located in the heart of  Kuala Lumpur  KLCC City Centre.  The place to envy for its convenience and accessibility.  All of the city’s pleasures seem at your fingertips, no matter your preferred activity – be it dining, shopping, chill-out, or entertainment, you will reach them all in brisk steps on your swift city sojourns.

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